About Permablitz                            

The first permablitz was held in Melbourne in 2006 and rather than retell the story here, check out the excellent articles by Asha Bee and Katherine Kizilos. The concept has spread to many cities and towns around Australia and the world, including Canberra. Further information about Australian and world-wide permablitz networks are maintained on the website

The permablitz concept has been adopted by PermablitzACT which covers the Capital Region. It combines the principles of permaculture with a team of volunteers to complete a garden makeover in Channel Nine TV series Backyard Blitz style. A permablitz is a great way that people living in urban areas can do something positive about issues, like climate change, food security and peak oil, in a way that is fun and inexpensive.


Our primary role is facilitating permablitzes by connecting hosts, designers and blitzers. In the process we

  • contribute to creating edible gardens
  • expand your permaculture and gardening knowledge and skills and help people take their first steps
  • connect over common interests
  • build community and local networks
  • have fun!

Having a permablitz is about establishing a productive garden that, with minimum effort will provide you with your own organic fruit, vegies and herbs. This can lower the impact often caused by the mass production of food, and it’s processing, storage, distribution and packaging. We believe that growing your own organic produce is satisfying, good for your health, and tastes better! 


PermablitzACT has remained largely informal and organic and is a non-funded volunteer-based group. Permablitz activities are based on the ‘principle of reciprocity’. By reciprocating, members who have participated in a couple of blitzes or in the running of the group are encouraged to host their own blitz. Reciprocation allows the group to help each other, by sharing the hard work and knowledge.


How to get involved


Anyone can join PermablitzACT no matter how much or little experience you have in gardening and permaculture. This group will introduce you to the joys of organic gardening using permaculture principles, and help you gain some basic skills to get you up and running at home.


It's free and easy to join the group with no membership fees. If you would like to get involved you can subscribe to our mailing list. This will keep you up to date with upcoming blitzes, meetings, events, and provides monthly resources.


Attend a blitz


Anyone is welcome to attend a blitz regardless of your skill level, just bring along your enthusiasm. There are usually team leaders for the projects on the day and we welcome insight from others, and a willingness to have a go.


There are a few other things to bring along, such as your own water bottle. Wear suitable clothing and protective gear for gardening – gardening gloves, sunscreen, hats etc. If you have gardening tools, such as shovels, forks, trowels, you can bring those along as hosts often have a limited supply. Make sure you mark them so you can easily identify your own equipment at the end of the day.


Every blitz is different but generally, the host(s) welcome you into their gardens and home. The day usually starts with a cup of tea or coffee and a briefing of what the day’s projects will be. Then the group divides to take on the projects, led by team leaders. Members participate how they can at their own level of ability and skills. Work stops for a pot luck lunch (where everyone brings a dish to share or brings their own lunch for specific dietary requirements) and a relaxed chat, before getting back to work. The group often celebrates completing the blitz with a drink and nibbles at the end of the day.


Be a designer


We insist that every permablitz has some permaculture design informing it and that requires a person who has completed a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC).

If you have a PDC you can join the permablitzACT register of interested volunteer and professional designers. When a host is ready to start a project we can then connect you to assist with their design. Contact us with your details.


We ask that you to attend permablitzACT meetings (held monthly) to discuss the project, get further details about the property and participate in the initial brainstorming of ideas. You will then work directly with the host to finalise the design, help them gather resources and assist with the blitz.


Want to Know More?

 There are videos and links available below. Also, check out our Blog section, which has archives of previous Blitzes.