Get blitzed!


A permablitz (often referred to as a ‘blitz’) is a day when a group of volunteers transform a person's garden into a productive and edible garden based on permaculture principles in Channel Nine TV series Backyard Blitz style.


The day of the blitz is preceeded by a number of weeks of planning, preparation, resource gathering, site visits, and discussion, between the host(s), designer(s) and blitz coordinator.


Can I host a blitz?


Permablitz activities are based on the ‘principle of reciprocity’. If you’ve been to the odd permablitz or two and you think maybe you’d like to be blitzed, let us know and we’ll help organise a blitz for you.


There are a lot of great benefits in having a blitz but we want to make sure that you’re committed to the cause – creating edible gardens, sharing skills related to permaculture and building community.


By attending permablitzes beforehand you also get an idea of what to expect on the day, learn useful and relevant skills, demonstrate the drive needed to maintain your own garden and contribute to the network first.


Please be aware, that while hosting a blitz at your place can be a rewarding experience, organising it can be hard work, requiring time and energy, as well as resources and money. It is up to the host and their design team to come up with suitable projects, being aware of any limitations, and creating plans for what suits you, the group’s capacity and your funds.


If you think you’d like to host a blitz then please fill in our potential hosts questionnaire.


We look forward to hearing from you.


What’s the blitz process?


The stages to a permablitz are:

Ø  You provide us with a brief including photos or plans

Ø  If needed, we match you with some volunteer designers, or you can use professionals

Ø  You to attend a PermablitzACT meeting (held monthly) to provide details of your property and goals, the group provides some initial input into your design

Ø  Your designers have a site visit and further discuss your requirements and finalise the design

Ø  The designers give you a list of materials to prepare

Ø  You work with a facilitator and designers to prepare a plan for the day

Ø  Together we promote your blitz

Ø  Then we BLITZ!


Our PermablitzACT Hosts’ Guide  will help get you prepared and know what to expect on, before and after the day, as a horde of volunteers help turn your yard into an edible oasis.