Past blitzes

Permablitzes are a great way to transform your yard into edible gardens. They can be great fun and you get to work with a group of people building a productive garden.  If you think you’d like to host a blitz then please fill in the Potential hosts questionnaire and submit it to us. Listed below are some of the past blitzes held and what they achieved.


Permablitz #27 Canberra City Farm (Oct 2017) - Build a herb spiral as a demonstration garden for Canberra City Farm.

Permablitz #26 Danielle's design blitz (March 2017 - Designers with a PDC provide ideas for a suburban block.

Permablitz #25 Deb's Place (Dec 2016) - Clean up the overgrown vege patch and cut down an old tank, remove and repurpose.

Permablitz #24 Katy & Greg’s Place (May 2016) – A reverse blitz to deconstruct a permaculture garden to move it to a new location.

Permablitz #23 Sarina and Ben's Place (May 2016) – Clean up an overgrown backyard, including pruning existing fruit trees and install wicking beds.

Permablitz #22 Deb’s mini swales (Nov 2015) – Slow down the water run off by creating a series of mini swales.

Permablitz #21 Cally’s Place (Oct 2015) – Create a hugelkultur down side yard to capture water runoff and fill new wicking beds.

Permablitz #20 Katy & Greg’s Place (April 2015) – Create a swale system over front lawn to increase vegetable growing area.

Designblitz #19 Julianne’s place (April 2015) – Designers to contribute ideas for possible future blitz.

Permablitz #18 VA’s place (Dec 2014) – A mini blitz to dig up pavers to create a shallow drain to divert storm water into the garden.

Permablitz #17 Evelyn’s place (July 2014) – Transforming the garden into a food forest by planting fruit trees.

Permablitz #16 Shaoying’s place (Nov 2013) – Constructing a no-dig market garden starting with sheet mulching.

Permablitz #15 Amanda’s place (Oct 2013) – A mini blitz to dig a swale, plant a rosemary hedge, a dwarf fruit tree and some pruning.

Permablitz #14 Deb’s place (Oct 2012) – A multiple part blitz to tidy up, lay some paving and sheet mulching.

Permablitz #13 Canberra Environment Centre (March 2012) – Tree pruning, laying mulch and turning ordinary pots into wicking beds to improve water efficiency.

Permablitz #12 Sue’s place (June 2011) – Building a rain garden.

Permablitz #11 Shelini’s Place (March 2011) – A two part blitz to remove Pittosporum trees and existing pebbles.

Permablitz # 10 Deb’s place (Feb 2011) – Using weeds to make compost blitz.

Permablitz #9 Ali’s Place (Dec 2010) – Building a chook yard, a herb spiral and planting fruit trees.

Permablitz #8 Bec & Ryan’s Place (Oct 2010) – Creating hugelkultur garden beds, building raised wicking worm beds and sheet mulching the garden beds.

Permablitz #7 Cally’s Place (Sept 2010) – Building a berryponics system, creating a rainwater catching swale system that was planted with fruit trees and establishing a bush tucker zone.


Permablitz #6 Toni’s Place (April 2010) – Grey water recycling, veggie gardens and fruit orchard.

Permablitz #5 Ali’s Place (March 2010) – The Brown’s house blitz included building a chicken run and enclosure, planting fruit trees and building veggie beds.

Permablitz #4 Cally’s verge garden (Dec 2009) – Planting out a verge garden including small trees.

Permablitz #3 Gill’s Place (Nov 2009) – A mini blitz to install irrigation and build a shade structure for vegetables.

Permablitz #2 Warren & Ann-Maree’s Place (Oct 2009) – A two part blitz starting with a site clean up then returning to turn an old vegetable patch into a vibrant garden.

Permablitz #1 Riccardo & Sharyn’s Place (July 2009) – Replacing lawn with aesthetically pleasing edible garden in the front yard.